I was born and raised in Binghampton, New York (that is the big part of the state above New York City and Long Island!)  and have happily been an Oregon transplant for many years now.  I attended graduate school at Boston University where I received my seminary training and degree.

Being born into a family of school teachers, teaching is in  my blood and I love it.  Let me know if there is a topic that interests you and maybe we could make a class of it.  Bible study, worship, prayer, environment issues, peace with justice, science and religion, learning about our neighbors of other faiths, etc. much to learn and never enough time!

It seems to me that most folks search for being a part of something bigger that themselves; something truly meaningful for the good of the world.  I would love to partner with you in finding your spiritual passion and calling.  The possibilities are as unique as each individual and you never know what you might find in worship, in a class, in a service project, in visiting your neighbors, in prayer, in mission.  I would highly recommend the book "Living the Questions" by Felton & Procter-Murphy (come by the office and I'll get you a copy!)  Progressive Christianity is where I feel called to live out my gifts and "living the questions" is a way of life for  most of us.  Each day God calls us to use our gifts, not to judge but to embrace, not to blindly accept, but to wrestle with meaning.  I invite you to join me in this journey.

I believe that the primary attribute of God is Grace is given freely and without anyone having to meet some arbitrary human measure.  God cannot be put into some definable category, nor fit into a tiny box.  God has something in store for you.

Come by sometime and we can find a time to talk together.  Let's find out what God has in store.

Reverend Amy Overton-Harris


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We stand with LGBTQ+ unconditionally.



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