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20200 SW Martinazzi Ave., Tualatin, OR 97062 

503-692-1820        tualatinumc@gmail.com


Tualatin Schoolhouse Food Pantry

Items needed right now: (you can drop off at church) 
Toilet paper
Canned fruit
Diapers (any size)
Bar soap
Paper grocery bags

Community Warehouse
Community Warehouse is a local, nonprofit furniture bank serving the greater Portland area.

Visit the  Community Warehouse website   to see the list of items needed. 

Backpack Buddies
The program provides food for children with limited access to food on the weekend throughout the school term.
How it works:  Food is placed in the child's backpack on Friday to take home.  The foods provided are ready to eat or are easily prepared.  Listed below are some examples we are currently sending home.  Make sure all items are individually wrapped.  Drop them off at the church.

Individual boxes of cereal
Individual packages of oatmeal
Fruit cups, applesauce
Crackers packaged of any variety
Ramen noodles
Granola bars
Fruit snacks
Pudding cups
Macaroni and cheese
Easy open soup/pastas
Juice boxes

What is SCRIP?  It's easy and earns $$ for our church!  SCRIP is an alternate form of currency - generally in the form of a small plastic gift card (similar to a credit card.)  If you buy $20.00 worth of SCRIP, you can spend the full $20 at the business and that business gives a percentage (indicated on the SCRIP form) back to TUMC.  For example, if you pay $100 for a SCRIP card to use at a specific grocery store, you get to spend the full $100 and the church will receive $4 if the percentage is 4% or $6 if the percentage is 6%, etc. 

Download your order form today and support TUMC.